Maya Simone Mulligan
When I was pregnant I went to see Elzabe Groenewald for a specialized check at 12 weeks. With it being my first pregnancy, I was rather nervous. From the moment we were welcomed into her rooms we were put at ease. She spent a long time doing her checks and measurements as our little bean did not want to show much face or play along. We walked out feeling very relaxed and happy knowing our baby had a thorough check. I can only recommend her for her professionalism, friendly manner and the way she explains her steps during the process. An amazing experience being able to see your baby in such detail.
Monique Potgieter
Elzabe showed our baby in great detail and that she is healthy and growing as she should. Her caring and professional manner ensures that we will most definitely return to her with our second little one. Being the first grandchild, Elzabe assisted in making our gender reveal party a huge surprise to all including us.
Adri Nel
Elzabe is excellent and she made us feel at ease with every scan. She goes the extra mile, from the special photos of our baby to the manner she describes the development of our little one. After our first appointment we felt renewed excitement becoming new parents. We have a great appreciation for her knowledge and passion for what she does and would recommend her to any expecting parents.